Sunday, August 30, 2009

No peace for dad

Dad was sleeping during church when Lauren and I came to visit. Also, during church, mom was giving a talk. Dad was asleep when mom started to talk so I had to wake him up with the good old church program up the nose trick. Dad woke up pretty quick by jumping a foot off the pew with a startled look and strange nosies, he was not happy, but it was super funny. Doug and I tried to get the same reaction later that day but it wasn't as big.

Brian Driving 2500 miles

For some reason it wasnt as long as I thought. I can't remember most of it

Moving stinks

Well, we finally arrived in San Diego friday and we are setting in our new place. So far everything looks great. It was good to stop in denver and salt lake to see the fam. Thanks to my dad and Karlene for helping us with the move, we couldn't have done it with out them. enjoy some fotos

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Engine Update

I know everyone is wondering when the Corvette will be up and running. Hopefully soon. Here are some pics of the engine I am almost finished putting together. I repainted all of it and replaced all the gaskets. I changed the timing chain and gears. I replaced the camshaft with a better one. It was all a lot easier than I thought, hopefully it all works out.

Time for a little update

This is my awesome sticker I custom made for the 4runner aka "skidmrk"